Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pages that weren't

Well I considered gettings back to the comic, but I did some pages, took some critique and decided against it. I need to work on a few things first, namely faces, and I may go with shorter stories to start, when I do return.

Here are the two pages I completed prior to the renewed shut down.



Saturday, September 12, 2015

Space ship designs

Ramping up to restart work on The Planet Eaters, (click at your own risk) I decided to design some stuff prior to putting it on the page for a change in hopes of saving time. I'm naive like that.

This was the result of trying to get one ship for one fucking panel, but I'll likely use them all in the end.



The last one is the winner of this round.

I don't know that months of study and practice have led to a quality upgrade, but I guess things are a little less difficult now, which is not the to say that anything actually easy, mind you. The frequency and volume of cussing which served as the sound track for this enterprise was truly womderous.



Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bad news all around

Not so bad, though.

Things didn't work out with the drawing class, maybe next term. I'm still taking GIS (computer mapping, simply put). I pulled something in my back right after recovering from a terrible stomach virus. Between to two I lost about two weeks. Ugh.

I am likely going to return to making comics, possibly as early as this evening. This is probably bad news for fans of the other blog, because all that stuff is secondary to the comic for me. Anyway, look for fresh updats in a month or two.

I am still working through the Dodson (keys to drawing) and Bridgman (100 Hands) books and I have started gesture drawing hands from reference.

That's all I got.