Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ups and downs

It has not been a good ten days for drawing. I had some sleep issues related to my most recent foray into underemployment and lost a few days in a row, got sick and lost a few more days, and the momentum that goes with them. Momentum is important because it helps shore up what the writer John Gardner referred to as necessary delusions.

Work falters; momentum dies; confidence crashes; hope dies. I tend to avoid the crescent of shit (see pic) for a few days at the close of this cycle.

I have found practice and rote help break this cycle or, more accurately, kick into its opposite rotation.

To that end, although I still have half the hand book to get through, I added the excercises in Bert Dodson's Keys to Drawing to my routine.


And I signed up for my first ever drawing class- at the community college. Hopefully I do not embarass myself too severely. I think I may go back to making comics when the class ends in december. I may wait another year.

I started working on a map the day before yesterday. I may ink it later today.

I made this too.


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